We are proud to be inaugurating our map portal hosted by the MARI-GISLAB and ESRI. Please visit us at: https://marigislab.maps.arcgis.com/

Our first shared map is a collection of outlines of Lidar coverages from 35 different projects from 2009 to 2019 compiled by Marcello Canuto. It shows how fast lidar coverage has progressed in the Maya Lowlands but also how much more there is to be done.


Its data layers can be downloaded here:


A second map application we are sharing is the Holmul Tour map. It is a simple (virtual) way of getting to know what and where area the site attractions following the trail from our camp to the plazas.


A third map that might be fun and useful is a time-series map app of landsat imagery from 1972, when the first landsat multi-spectral sensor went into space to the present. You can try it a different scales to get different imagery.


Francisco Estrada-Belli / festrad1@tulane.edu

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