This blog aims to disseminate and promote professional discussions of research and data related to Maya settlement studies, including survey, household archaeology, GIS and remote sensing analysis.

This is neither a personal nor an “opinion-based” blog. Moreover, it is not an institutionally-sponsored effort meant to promote any particular research project, institute, or university. I intend this blog to be a “non-denominational” forum to which all scholars are welcome to develop, propose, or announce their research.

Though submissions may vary in length and detail, they generally should not exceed 2,500 words (ca. ten double-spaced pages). Please contact Marcello A. Canuto (see email below) regarding potential contributions and for more details on the editorial process.

Blog entries are categorized within one of five categories: Articles, Notes, Announcements, How-to’s, and Data shares. Other categories might develop as the blog grows.

I hope you find something interesting here and feel free to drop me a line and say hi.


Dr. Marcello A. Canuto
Middle American Research Institute
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118